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How does it work?

By adding 10 drops to a small amount of water and leaving it under your tongue for a couple of hours, the reaction from poison ivy exposure will be lessened. Keeping it under your tongue for a little while will help it absorb into your body more effectively. It works on both poison ivy and poison oak as these plants are closely related because of urushiol – an allergenic oil present in both plants.

Does it work on all plants that contain the word poison in it?

No. This only works on poison ivy,poison oak and poison sumac as these plants are closely related because of urushiol – an allergenic oil present in them.

Prevents symptoms of Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac

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What Is Urushiol?

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Cleaning Poison Ivy Off Gear

Getting allergic reactions from poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac is no laughing matter. That’s why one must always be careful when going around places where these plants grow. Hypersensitive people need to be careful most of all. Any contact with these plants could endanger their lives. The … Read More

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